Satisfyingly Strange Short Stories, Volume 2

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My second installment of short stories is now available at Amazon. This time the stories center around children and animals, with a pesky ghost thrown in. What the stories lack in adult supervision they make up for in unexpected twists. … Continue reading

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The Christmas Parade Miracle

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Martin was a most unlikely candidate to dress as Santa Clause for the annual Christmas parade. What transpires as he rides atop a fire truck waving at children will change the course of many lives for years to come. My … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar


I’ve been invited by Katharina Gerlach to participate in her Winter/Christmas Advent Calendar. Sign up to receive a short story or flash under a 1000 word’s each day from different authors. My story: The Lonely Snowman. Sign up here. On the 26th, get all stories in a free e-book at the end of the countdown. Indie Author’s Advent Calendar 2016 Continue reading

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I Am Published!

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I published my first book this weekend! Satisfyingly Strange Short Stories is a collection of five flash fiction / short stories. It is available on Amazon for $.99.  Here is the address: Satisfyingly Strange Short Stories, Volume 1 If you … Continue reading

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Trapped – October Blog Hop

I am participating in a blog hop with some writer friends of mine. We have each written a Halloween/seasonal short story (under 1,000 words). Below is my story, followed by a link to each participants’ story. Enjoy!

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The Final Debate

It was the third and final debate of the election season. Less than three weeks remained until election day and the polls were tight, adding to the electric atmosphere. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump answered questions, argued issues, and tossed insults as frequent as the candy tossed in parades all across the country. Emotions were high and neither candidate succumbed to their conscience nor to human decency as they traded insult for insult.

The final round arrived. One minute awaited each candidate to make a closing statement – the last words to the nation from the debate stage. As the audience watched live and millions of citizens across the country listened in anticipation, each candidate, at the exact same moment, had a heart attack and died. The nation was in shock. Continue reading

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Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website!

I am an independent author in pursuit of a dream – to write fiction for a living. If you like to read or know someone who does, or if you desire to support an emerging (let’s think positive!) author, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading

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Day One

Day One.

In April, 2013, I had written very little. An occasional poem and a couple of stories when I was a teenager. But lying dormant in the back of my mind was a dream.

For decades I had wanted to write a book. It was on my bucket list – that unwritten list of things I thought would be neat to do but never expected to happen. What I didn’t know was my seemingly tame dream was fighting to escape and about to get a break. Continue reading

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