Anyone Can Read the Entire Bible

Admittedly, the Bible is a BIG book, or rather, collection of books. The Bible contains 66 books divided into chapters; a total of 1,189 chapters to be exact.

Thinking about reading the entire Bible is intimidating, especially for someone who has never done it. But no one, not even God, expects you to read it all in one day.

It might help to know that by reading just 3 chapters a day, you can read through the Bible in 396 days. Increase your daily reading to 4 chapters on 31 of those days and you can finish reading the Bible in a year.

According to one source, it takes the average person 74 hours and 28 minutes to read the whole Bible. To finish in a year, that’s less than 7 hours a month, or just over 12 minutes a day. And let’s be honest—if you start skimming through the genealogies like many people do, you can shorten that time.

So even though the thought of reading the Bible can be scary and overwhelming, breaking it down and using a reading plan for guidance can make one resolution that all followers of Christ should have an achievable goal.

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