The battle for Vetrix is over. The battle for Earth begins.
Who can Flipper count on if not even his parents believe him?

After having returned safely from his adventures on the Gude home planet, Flipper is dismayed to find only ridicule and skepticism back home. Of course aliens aren’t real; of course these are just the flights of fancy of a sixth-grader and his friends. Nobody believes his story. Nobody cares.

But when the Snaders put into motion a nefarious plot to conquer Earth and eliminate the human threat in one fell swoop, Flipper finds his story verified in a most spectacular—and horrifying—fashion. Not only have they sent a deadly fleet to attack Earth, but they have infiltrated the halls of power, insinuated themselves into the heart of human civilization … and now the trap is closing.

With the help of Josh and Allison, along with allies both old and new, Flipper will need to dig deep and find the courage to stand up against the Snaders once more, and prevent them from destroying everything he holds dear—friends, family, and the world itself.

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The original cover from 2017:

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