Author Interview: E.G. Creel


I’m about to turn forty, the end of March, and I’m very much feeling like I need an adventure to mark the occasion. Maybe that’s why I wrote The Immortal. My inner wonderer wanted freedom from the everyday.  

Share a little bit about your book, The Immortal.

The protagonist, Emma, just turned forty and decides to take a vacation on a French Polynesian island. She becomes the soul survivor of a mass culling from a group of immortal Vikings. Using her wit and with a little luck, maybe she’ll make it off the island alive.

Two items stood out to me during my research on you. First, you describe yourself as “currently blooming.” I love that! Talk about how you came up with that description for yourself and what it means to you.

My husband is about to retire from the Army which meant a lot of moving around. Since we don’t usually get a say where we’ll be sent next I always say, “I’ll bloom where I’m planted.” Which is currently Fort Gordon, Ga.

Second, I thought your book trailer was awesome. Why did you make a book trailer and how did you come up with what you did.

Vocationally I’m a photographer, I shot the underwater footage in my neighbor’s pool. An actor friend, Kate Dailey, did the voice over. She’s also narrated the audiobook. I thought I’d build content while I waited for the manuscript to be edited and hoped the trailer might gain interest for my debut novel, since I don’t have an author following.

Why did you start writing and how long have you been at it?

I stumbled into writing last year after a bad dream. The plot seemed solid and as I daydreamed, I thought I’d write a paragraph to get it out of my head. I have my rough draft finished six weeks later. It’s a terrible idea, becoming a writer. I don’t recommend it. Save yourself the disappointment. I’m writing this with a smile on my face by the way. The journey has been a rollercoaster. Exciting but leaving me feeling nauseous.

What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

Writing over my screaming children which I’m doing this very minute. It’s like they know when I’m about to write. It’s their superpower.

How did writing and publishing your first book compare to your expectations?

The process is longer than I thought it would be. I’m rather impatient and it’s been a lesson in slowing down and staying humble. I suppose I expected more support and congratulations from friends and family. Social media gives the illusion of knowing so many people but in the end my excitement was mostly that, mine. I’m very grateful for the handful of friends who purchased my book but by far I’ve given away more than sold. I’m very much in the red for my debut book.

What piece of advice has made the biggest impact on your writing journey?

Talent won’t get you to the finish line, discipline will. Make it a rule to write, not a goal. Drink a glass of water before you write.

What is your next writing project?

I’m currently writing episodes on Kindle Vella. My ongoing story is called Gena. She thinks her daddy’s the devil. Collect your 200 free tokens on Kindle Vella an find out.

What does success look like for you as an author?

I suppose it’s Capitalistic and shallow, but I want money. I’ve been the starving artist long enough, and as romantic as it may sound, I’d rather be fat. My goal for this year is to break even, and long term I’d like to make enough to take my family on a vacation to French Polynesia.

Anything additional you want to share with readers?

Comparing is the killer of joy. Like Neil Gaiman said, there are no rules, just write the best story you can.


Book Locations: The Immortal can be ordered at any local bookstore, also available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other global distributors. My local Barnes and Noble in Augusta, Ga. Also carries a few copies which I sign when I drop in.

Excerpt: My book can be sampled on Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Amazon, or Google.

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