Maybe I Should Have Hit the Delete Key

On April 18, 2013, the Harvey County Independent ran a column that Bill Bush wrote about his daughter and son’s toy poodle, Anna. Maybe I Should Have Hit the Delete Key contains Bill’s first one hundred columns published in the Independent. Covering a variety of topics, Bill:

  • Shares his passion for running, small towns, his children, daylight savings time, and peanut butter
  • Documents the excitement and obstacles of trying to start a writing career
  • Addresses the NFL controversies of Ray Rice and players kneeling for the National Anthem
  • Tackles tough issues like terrorism, target’s bathroom policy, minimum wage, Westboro Baptist Church, Donald Trump, and freedom and socialism
  • Provides solutions for the societal problems of gay marriage and the IRS
  • Opens up about his fears of publishing a novel, dating, not being happy, and watching his aunt die
  • Writes flash fiction stories about skunks, aliens, friendship, and parenthood, and shares excerpts from longer fi ctional work

Some humorous, some serious, all thought provoking.

Bill’s column, So Many Thoughts So Little Time, can be read regularly in the Harvey County Independent, located in Halstead, Kansas.


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