The Three Rebellions

Did you know there are three world-wide rebellions against God in the first 11 chapters of the Bible?

The first, of course, is Adam and Eve. God gave them everything except for one tree, yet they decided it wasn’t enough and ate of the forbidden fruit, getting them kicked out of the Garden of Eden

After God expelled them, mankind reproduced, spread out, and lived for hundreds of years. Not much is said about this period until we reach Genesis 6.

The first 8 verses of chapter 6 describe the second rebellion, where the sons of God married the daughters of humans. The wickedness of the human race was so bad that God sent a flood to wipe them out.

We find the third rebellion in Genesis 11, known as the tower of Babel. Refusing to obey God’s command to reproduce and populate the Earth, people gathered in Shinar and built a city with a tower to reach the heavens. In response, God confused their languages and scattered them over the Earth.

Unfortunately, humans are rebellious at our core, and that remains true today. A quick look at our society, our community, and even our own hearts will prove this true.

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