Before Vetrix

Three friends-eleven adventures-one good time.

Before Flipper is kidnapped in front of Allison and
Josh (details in the book Vetrix), the three best friends had a relatively normal life, though these short stories show that even ordinary kids doing everyday activities experience extraordinary moments.What kind of fun lies inside these pages?

– Josh and Allison get kicked out of a field trip

– They each share their most embarrassing moment

– Flipper uses his best pick-up lines on a girl he has a crush on

– The kids play a prank on Christmas night

– Allison and Flipper help Josh deal with a bully

– An indoor activity sends one of them to the emergency room

– Flipper and Allison battle against a tarantula that is stalking them

– Flipper fights a goat

– Allison becomes a sleuth

… and more

Experience the trio’s friendship as they have a good time together, no matter the circumstances.

Purchase an autographed copy of Before Vetrix:

The original copy from 2017:

Before Vetrix (Flipper, Allison, and Josh) by [Bush, Bill, Bush, Blake]

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