One Minute Bible Blast

The term BLAST was chosen to describe this weekly one-minute Bible lesson because the presentation of information takes on the qualities of many of the different meanings of the word BLAST.

For instance, like a blast of air, One Minute Bible Blast is short, powerful, and comes out of nowhere.

The term can also be used as a trumpet’s BLAST. That’s a good description of what can take place inside our minds, like a bell inside your head dinging, or a trumpet blast alerting you to the new incoming information.

A BLAST can mean an explosion, like the explosion of information in this quick segment.

Another definition of BLAST is the sending of a message in multiple copies to numerous recipients at one time. When the One Minute Bible Blast is presented at church, posted online, or sent through email, it’s one message reaching multiple people.

Finally, a BLAST can mean an enjoyably exciting experience, occasion, or event. Many think the Bible is a boring, ancient document. One Minute Bible Blast believes the Bible is Living and Active, which makes it relevant, eternal, and exciting.

The Bible is a BLAST so let’s have a BLAST together.

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The Short and the Long of It
Indoor Plumbing in the Old Testament
Covenant of the Old Testament
Old Testament Organization
Prescription vs Description – an Introduction
The Day the Sun Stood Still
Jesus Died and Rose According to the Scriptures
And then He appeared
Christ has Indeed been Raised
Biggest and Smallest
New Testament Organization
Covenant of the New Testament
Hodgdpodge of Bible Information
The Protoevngelium
The Origins of Sacrifice
Does the Genealogy in Genesis Demonstrate God’s Mercy?
The Three Rebellions
Genealogy Shows the Shortening of Life
In the Beginning God Created
The Spirit of God Hovered
Jesus Holds All Things Together
One Central Theme to the Bible
One Central Character in the Bible
One Central Author of the Bible