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The Drive to Roswell

My first post will be a relatively short one because, well, all I did was drive. I drove 596 miles in less than 9 1/2 hours. I forgot to look at what time I arrived exactly. I stopped four times, … Continue reading

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Mourning A Loss

It’s been a tough week. On March 19 my uncle Jack passed away. He was 71. Jack and my Aunt Rhonda had been married a long time, but I didn’t really know him until my kids and I stayed with … Continue reading

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The Teacher Who Impacted Me Most

This morning as I sat on the track, stretching after a rough session of sprints, thoughts of yesterday’s graduation ceremony came to mind. Specifically, I thought about the verbal tribute paid to the teachers by both the administration and the … Continue reading

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I Wish I Was Happy

I wish I was happy. In truth I don’t have a good reason to be unhappy. I have two wonderful children who have done nothing but make me proud. I have a job that provides me financial security. I am … Continue reading

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Aunt Kathy

My aunt is dying of cancer. The doctors gave her one to two weeks. She’s losing strength and will die any day. I saw her a month ago, in the hospital. Her spirit and fight remained strong. At the time … Continue reading

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