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Storytime Blog Hop October 25th, 2017

Welcome to the October edition of Storytime Bloghop. Enjoy my story below, then follow the links to other stories of participating authors in the blog hop.  Leave us comments.  We love hearing from you!


Unwelcome Visitors

I crept slowly, up the stairway, careful not to make a sound. At the top I saw the bedroom door, closed. That meant the others had returned; their brief hiatus too good to be true.

I tensed in frustration, contemplating my options. I wanted to confront the horrifying creatures – if that were possible – and demand they leave. I approached the door, determined, yet fear overwhelmed me and I raced to the basement.

I stayed below all night, pacing mostly, hoping, hoping, hoping they didn’t find me. What was I going to do?

The next day I had two visitors – Arden and Hudd. I don’t know how, but they knew about my visitors. And they confirmed the intruders were of another dimension. Another “world”, they called it. I didn’t understand, but whatever.

Hudd, full of energy, drew me in. I liked him immediately, but then who wouldn’t. “We’re so glad to meet you before you contacted them.”

I hated to admit that it was simply my lack of courage that kept me from confronting the pair.

Arden was clearly the leader – focused, serious. He had an intensity that frightened me. Maybe that was intentional. “We can’t emphasize enough how dangerous your situation is.”


Hudd noticed my fear. “We don’t mean to frighten you, but we’ve seen thousands of situations similar to yours. We can help.”

They shared stories of others in circumstances similar to mine and how they helped. Then they told me of some who refused their help.

I believed I could trust them. “Will you help me?”

“The only thing we can do is find you a safe place to live.”

I looked at them, disappointed.

“How long have they been here?” Arden asked.

“They were here for a week or so then left. They’ve only been back for two days, I think.”

As I toured them around the house they told me more stories – painting a picture of an extensive ghost world that spanned the globe. As intriguing as their tales were, and as believable as they made them sound, I refused to heed their warning. Looking back, there was nothing they could have said to persuade me. I was determined to stay, in spite of the dangers and my cowardice.


The haunting began that night. It was the most frightening evening of my life. In spite of my fear I determined to fight for my home. They seemed determined; this was all out war.

First came swaying drapes and small objects being moved – countered by leaving the lights on all night. Next was an audible attack with creaking floors, the television turning on in the middle of the night, and unexplained door bell ringing. This was followed by an unsuccessful séance.

When the hauntings continued unhindered, a medium was brought in, just as Arden and Hudd had explained.

Long, woven hair and a flawless complexion, the young medium took immediate control. I watched with intrigue and curiosity.

“The incense is a special blend, and combined with the specially made candles, will draw the ghost in. My work is unique yet almost always successful.”

Almost always? Although bossy and with an air of superiority, her voice was smooth and I could have listened to her speak all day.

“Don’t bother me, no matter what happens this evening. Things may get bizarre, but I will be in total control. Don’t trust your eyes. This is a job that will take place across dimensions.”

Haven’t we already been crossing dimensions in this little squabble?

“Now, I must have complete silence from here on out.”

She ordered the lights off, which seemed counter productive to me. But what did I know; this was my first experience with a ghost “expert”.

She lit candles, sat with her legs crossed, eyes closed, and head tiled back so her face was parallel to the ceiling. She gaped her mouth wide every few seconds and hummed strange sounds. I wanted to ask if she wasn’t afraid the ghost might fly right into her open mouth.

She carried on for quite a while. The lack of results only caused her to intensify her efforts. Her chanting became louder. Her swaying more exaggerated. Her breathing heavier. I started to worry about her health. How could someone keep this up and not pass out?

Fascinated by the proceedings I edged closer, careful not to draw attention to myself.

I should have realized at that moment I was in trouble. Or the next when the sweet smell from her incense pierce my senses. I mean, I didn’t have a nose. How could I smell anything? Yet at the time that never occurred to me. I thought I was in control, oblivious to the fact I was in the process of being taken captive.

“I can feel your presence!”

I startled back at her scream, but no more than a foot. I paid her no attention. Instead, I watched the couple, huddled tightly together on the floor. They both cried and trembled and refused to open their eyes.

I felt…how do I explain it? Tired. Somewhere, deep within me I knew this was the end. The draw to death was much too strong for me to resist. I relaxed and submitted my will to that of the medium. She could do with me what she wanted.

The awesome smell grew and I felt a warmth I had never experienced. I felt wonderful, like all of my anxiety had burned away by candlelight. I loved this couple and was certain they would take good care of my house.

Everything faded. The medium, the couple, and the candles all blurred. All I could see now was Arden and Hudd, hovering over me. My imagination must have taken over. Or did they come to say good-bye? They had warned me that trying to scare the couple out of the house risked my life.

I felt a rush of wind. I floated upward, through the ceiling, the roof – flew over houses and streets and traffic. At first the ride was thrilling, but as my senses strengthened I panicked.

Arden and Hudd lead the way. I had several other ghosts surrounding me, carrying me. I was helpless. We dove through a bus, through the ground, and into a dark cave before we came to a rest.

As I looked at my rescuers, reality sunk in. Arden and Hudd and their friends had saved my life.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

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  3. Kami Bataya says:

    Haha! I had to go reread it after getting to the twist – that changed how the whole beginning reads. 🙂 Nice.

  4. Erica D says:

    nice one, love the twist!

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  8. Juneta says:

    That was different a d engaging. Kept my eyes glued. Well done. Juneta

  9. Definitely an interesting twist. Nice work!

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  11. J.Q. Rose says:

    Very, very unwelcome visitors. Liked the twist at the end. I wonder what kind life he was saved for.

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