Embarrassing Moments

Josh double bounced on the diving board and dove into the pool. When he hit the water his swimsuit scooted down to his knees. He frantically pulled it up before he resurfaced.
He looked around expecting everyone to be laughing at him. He scanned the pool but no one paid him any attention. He couldn’t believe his luck. “That was close,” he said to himself, then swam to the four-foot area and joined his best friends, Flipper and Allison.

“I just had a horrible scare.”

“What happened?” Allison asked, concerned.

“When I dove off the board my shorts fell down. I barely got them pulled up.”

Flipped laughed. “That would have been embarrassing!”

“It would have been awful!” Allison agreed.

“What’s your most embarrassing moment?” Josh asked Flipper.

Flipper answered immediately. “It was in third grade P.E. I really had to go to the bathroom. We were doing sit-ups. When I finished I noticed Melanie starring at me with her mouth open. I looked down and I had peed a little.”

“You didn’t notice?” Josh asked astonished.

“Not until I saw the wet spot on my shorts.”

“What’s yours?” Allison asked Josh.

“Last year we flew to California to visit my Mom’s family. On the flight home we sat in the second row from the front. I went to the bathroom in the back of the plane. As I walked back to my seat I noticed people were laughing. When I sat down a guy in a seat across from me pointed down the aisle. I looked and saw a string of toilet paper from the bathroom all the way up the aisle. It had stuck to my shoe and I had drug it in front of everybody.

“Oh, that’s horrible,” Allison laughed.

“The worst part was walking back down the aisle to pick it all up.”

“So what’s your most embarrassing moment?” Flipper asked Allison.

Allison thought for a moment. “Last year in Mr. Burke’s Social Studies class he asked a question and I blurted out the answer without even raising my hand.”

Flipper gasped. “Did they suspend you?”

Allison giggled and splashed him. “Shut up. I wasn’t finished. Anyway, he said ‘Are you sure?'”

There were several moments of silence. Finally, Josh asked, “What happened?”

“That’s it,” Allison explained. “I got the answer wrong in front of everybody!”

Flipper continued mocking her. “I don’t think I can hang out with you anymore.”

“That’s not a big deal. I get answers wrong all the time,” Josh countered. “Besides, that’s not your most embarrassing moment. Remember after the soccer game last spring we saw that boy you like – Alex. You saw him wave and you waved at him all excited but he was actually waving at his friends behind us and not you?”

Flipper laughed hard. “That’s so embarrassing!”

“I DO NOT like Alex!”

“You do too,” Josh argued. Then doing an imitation of her he said, “You turned red and waved like he was a movie star!”

Allison splashed Josh then jumped on his back and dunked him. Josh had an alarming sensation that was confirmed when he got his head above water.

“Is that brown in the water?” Flipper asked.

Josh was horrified. “I think I have a new most embarrassing moment.”

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