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Unwelcome Visitors

Halloween. After midnight. I’d frightened away the greedy children I dreaded each year.


For ambience I read my Alfred Hitchcock macabre using a small flashlight with the window open in my upstairs library. I pulled the afghan over my shivering naked body. I couldn’t put the book down.

Until I heard voices.

I quickly clicked off the flashlight, leaving me in complete darkness.

Three boys, not yet teenagers judging from their high-pitched voices. Here to snoop around the old haunted house, no doubt. Being that young, they wouldn’t stick around long before pissing their pants and running home to mommy.

I returned to my seat to wait them out.

At the crashing of my downstairs window I leapt from my chair.

By the time I arrived, two of the three stood inside my living room.

One wore a cap with a wildcat on front. The other, a tank top that revealed goose bumps up and down his arms. I determined to watch him flee in tears. I guess the third chickened out.

Tank Top tried to record but I slapped the phone then crushed it under foot as the pair screamed and ran.

Two beams of light searched the room as the boys hugged each other like their life depended on it.

Tank Top pointed his flashlight at the debris that had been his phone. “D-d-did…did you see that?”

Wildcat managed between breaths, “I heard someone whisper, ‘Who are you?’”

No. All I said was ‘boo.’

I slammed the broken window shut and locked it. They sprinted up the stairway that sat behind them. Not their smartest move. 

I slowly crept upstairs, making sure to hit every creaky step.

They ran into my library and slammed the door. Stupid kids.

I slowly turned the knob so they would get the full horror-movie effect.

Pushing open the door, I slid inside while their beams fixed on the empty doorway. Hitchcock lay on the floor beside Wildcat; my bookmark a foot away. Those worthless punks. I replaced the bookmark and set the book on my chair.

“It’s—it’s a ghost!”

I’m flesh and blood, but better they believe I’m a ghost than to know the truth.

The boys backed toward the wall, flailing their flashlights wildly around the room looking for what they could not see—me.

A beam of light hit my eyes. I blindly grabbed a book from the shelf and hurled it their direction. My eyes readjusted to the darkness in time to see Wildcat stumble backwards and disappear through the window.

“NO!” Tank Top and I screamed at the same time.

The kid shined his light my direction. His lip quivered, his chest heaved, and he wept while his body worked up the courage to move. Then he screamed and fled the room sobbing. I bet his crotch was wet, too.

I leaned out the window; Wildcat’s body lay motionless on my patio below.

Just wonderful—now the authorities would come snooping around.

Good thing I’m invisible.

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Vote for Me!

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on August 20, 2020.

This is the sixth article in the series. If you haven’t read the previous articles and want to start with the first, click here.

For those who have followed my column, back in January of 2019 I announced my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in hopes of replacing the retiring Pat Roberts. I believe I was the first person to publicly announce his/her candidacy.

I wrote a few columns outlining my platform, my purpose, and my strategy to get my ideas implemented.

My plan was solid…everything except for getting my name on the ballot.

Earlier this year I inquired with the State of Kansas how to get my name on the ballot for the senate race. Since I’m independent and not affiliated with a political party, I needed the signatures of five thousand registered voters. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get five thousand signatures during a pandemic when everyone is locked away in their homes?

Let’s just say that my name will not be on the ballot.

My competitor, Dr. Roger Marshall, visited Halstead Sunday evening as part of his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

I had the opportunity to interview Marshall in mid-April, and I asked him about one of the planks on my platform—changing the country to a standardized, year-round daylight savings time.

His response, and I quote, “I’m okay with it.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement. But he wasn’t through. “It just never gets much traction…I pick my battles and I try not to fight unless it’s a fight I can win.”

Is that the type of leadership Kansans want to send to Washington? Someone unwilling to stand up and fight for what history will look back and say was the most important issue of our generation? We need someone representing us who’s willing to change minds and successfully stand up for this important issue.

That means, of course, that I cannot endorse Marshall for the senate. 

I have not had the opportunity to visit with his Democratic challenger, Dr. Barbara Bollier. If I do, I will ask her thoughts on the ridiculous practice of changing our clocks forward and backward. I suspect her answer will be no different from Marshall’s. All the U.S. Senators are the same when it comes to this issue. When was the last time any of them spoke out about this injustice?

That leaves Kansas residents with only one option for real change—write in my name for United States Senator. Seriously, do you really want to send a Republican or Democrat to Washington D.C. just to participate in the increasingly divisive politics that pervades our capital, or do you want someone who will arrive with a focused purpose and do everything he can to make Fall Back and Spring Forward as obsolete phrases as carbon copy, dial tone, and be kind, rewind.

For one of my stories this week I asked area coaches how they would handle the uncertain times with their athletes. I received nearly two dozen responses and most of them had a similar message—focus on what we can control.

Isn’t that a good message for us all? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have and express our opinions, but if more of us would focus on what we can control when we thought or spoke or posted on social media, I believe there would be a lot less anger and stress.  Because frankly, most of us have enough of our own issues we need to work through without worrying about other people’s problems.

That being said, if you don’t support year-round daylight savings time you’re a communist nazi racist. I hope I can count on your vote.

I’m Bill Bush, and I approve this message.

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Quid pro quo good; time change evil

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on March 12, 2020.

This is the fifth article in the series. If you haven’t read the previous articles and want to start with the first, click here.

The good news is that by the time most of you read this, I’ll be mostly adjusted to the time change.

For those who have had to deal with me, I apologize. I don’t handle the time change adjustment well.

I hate the time change. I hate it in the fall because suddenly is gets darker so much earlier and that messes with my evening routines. I hate the time change in the spring because I lose an hour of sleep and it takes me most of a week to adjust.

I don’t throw the word hate around lightly. I use it only for the worst of parts of life like peas and cold weather and snakes and fingernail files and the time change and cancer.

Someone said to me this weekend that the time change didn’t bother her and she didn’t understand why it bothered others. “You stay up late sometimes, right? It’s the same thing.”

It sounded like a reasonable argument. Sure, sometimes I’m awake later than I’m used to. I’m also tired and relatively grumpy the next day. But there is a difference; a significant one.

If I stay up late I can usually go to bed a little early and get right back on the same schedule the next day. Sometimes it may take me an extra day to catch up on missed sleep, but it does happen quickly.

With the spring forward time change I can’t slip back into the same sleep routine the next day because the lost hour of sleep is fixed. If I return to the pattern my body is used to I’ll be an hour late to everything going forward. I have to adjust to the change, and like I said, I don’t adjust quickly.

If you are like me and you don’t like the time change, you need to consider me for the U.S. Senate. I’ve written about it in the past, and I’ve done a little research. But before I tell you what it’s going to take to get my name on the ballot, I want to remind you of my very succinct, and bi-partisan, platform.

My pledge is to introduce four bills as a Senator. That’s all I’m going to Washington D.C. to do.

The four planks in my platform are Daylight Savings Time year round, winter and cold weather banned after Jan. 1 each winter, term limits for all politicians, and a mandatory federally balanced budget.

My pledge is that I will not vote for any bills unless another senator has agreed, in writing, to support one of my four planks. I also pledge to only serve one term.

The timing of my candidacy is a bit ironic, since it’s literally a quid pro quo strategy to promoting my agenda. I originally laid out my strategy in January, 2019.

I’ve done some research and it will take 5,000 signatures to get my name on the ballot, and the signatures must be done within a 180 day time span.

Obviously it’s going to take some work to get that many signatures and I can’t do it on my own. In order to start the campaign, I need ten people who will commit to securing at least 100 signatures. I’ll provide the forms and instructions, but I need manpower.

So, if you are willing to gather at least 100 signatures, contact me and I will put you on my list. Once I reach ten people, or 1,000 pledged signatures, then I will pour every free moment I have into the campaign.

Remember, I’m running as an Independent and I won’t caucus with either party. I have some very strong political opinions, but they won’t factor into my term as a Senator. I have laid out exactly how/why I will vote. And that goes for all of my votes—bills, confirmations, etc. If no one trades their vote for mine, then I will abstain. Simple.

You can read more detail about my plan in the Harvey County Independent issues: January 17, 2019, February 21, 2019, and August 8, 2019.

Help me bring common sense back to America by outlawing the ridiculous practice of changing our clocks twice a year.

Then, and only then, will America truly be great.

Read part six of this series: Vote for Me!

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Mother nature supports senate run

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on November 14, 2019.

This is the fourth article in the series. If you haven’t read the previous articles and want to start with the first, click here.

For those of you still unsure about supporting my Senate candidacy, the last couple of weeks should have convinced you that change is needed.

Cold weather and early nighttime have brought a layer of darkness over our country that only Thanksgiving and Christmas can alleviate. And just barely.

I know lots of people who are already tired of the cold. I know I am. Remember, I will introduce a bill to ban cold weather after Jan. 1 of each year. Yes, we still have to deal with cold days in November and December, but once my bill is passed you can look forward to the coldest weather ending with the calendar year.

The other recent event that should have spurred much support for my platform plank was falling back an hour. Now that it’s almost impossible to finish dinner before it gets dark and you feel like you should be going to bed before prime time television programming starts in the evening, it should be obvious that my plan to require daylight savings time year round across the country is the only logical action to be taken.

For those who haven’t read my previous announcement to run for the U.S. Senate and my follow-up columns on my plank and the interviews I’ve done, let me quickly recap my platform.

I plan to sponsor four bills. First, I will ban cold after Dec. 31 each year, with an exemption for ski lodges. Second, daylight savings time will be year round across the country. Third, I will sponsor a bill that would place an accumulative term limit on all federally-elected positions. My fourth bill will require the federal government to operate under a balanced budget.

And best of all, I pledge to serve only one term.

I also pledge to only cast my vote as a senator if I get a commitment from another Senator to support one of my bills in return for my vote.

A question I received recently that I haven’t addressed publicly is, “Won’t there be times when no one from either side will be willing to trade their vote for yours?”

Yes, that is true. On the other hand, there will be close votes where both sides will need my vote, which sets itself up for a potential bidding war. I’ll give my vote to whichever side is willing to commit the most votes to my agenda.

I realize that the other senators aren’t going to enthusiastically join my crusade. But in time, I will gradually gain committed votes and believe that I can, in six years, get all four of my items passed.

I’ll be running as an independent and will have an exciting announcement at the beginning of 2020. Stay tuned…

Read part five of this series: Quid pro quo good; time change evil

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Big announcements from my campaign

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on August 8, 2019.

This is the third article in the series. If you haven’t read the previous articles and want to start with the first, click here.

I want to start by expressing my gratitude for the support I’ve received since I announced my candidacy for the U.S Senate. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and I’ve received many verbal commitments of votes.

I’d like to share a piece of my most recent interview. It communicates some critical information.

Again, since this hasn’t been broadcast publicly yet, I’ll leave the name of the interviewer out. Trust me, everyone reading this would recognize it.

Interviewer:  Since you announced your candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat in Kansas that is being vacated next year by Senator Pat Roberts, three Democrats and six Republicans have joined the race. Any thoughts?

Me:  Nothing surprising has happened yet. Both Republicans and Democrats will settle on their final candidate a year from now in the primaries. The Libertarian Party, I’m sure, will also have a candidate on the ballot. Unless another Independent joins in it will be a four-person race.

Interviewer:  How to you plan to overcome your lack of name recognition?

Me:  First of all I don’t accept your premise. I have the same name as three recent presidents—George W. Bush, George H. Bush, and Bill Clinton. I’ve lived in six different cities in Kansas and my mom had seven siblings and most of her extended family lives in the state.

Both of my names are common and well recognized in Kansas. In addition, my middle name—Dennis—I share with the cartoon character Dennis the Menace. Easily recognizable.

Face recognition will be my biggest challenge. But I think once people hear my uniquely specific plan they’ll look me up on the internet to see who I am, so the face recognition will take care of itself.

Interviewer:  I’m glad you mentioned your platform because it is very unusual. And short. You only have three items you hope to accomplish in the Senate. Let me see if I have these correct. You want to enforce Daylight savings time, ban cold weather, and introduce term limits?

Me:  Almost. Daylight savings time will become law country-wide and year round. My ban on winter’s cold weather won’t take place until Jan. 1 each year and I allow an exemption for ski resorts. My term limit bill will include an aggregate lifetime provision so people don’t jump from one office to the other once they’re term limited.

You will notice that all of my proposals are topics that we can all get behind irregardless of our political affiliations. That’s once of the reasons I’m running as an Independent.

In that same spirit, I’ve done a lot of thinking since my last interview. I think it’s important that I add a fourth plank to my platform.

Both the major political parties are playing us for fools. They say they want a balanced budget but the nation’s debt continues to rise by over a trillion dollars a year.

Democrats want to raise taxes to cover the deficit and the Republicans want to lower taxes and grow the economy. The fact is that neither of those actions can erase the shortfall.

And they’ve both proven they’re not willing to cut expenses in order to stop the economic bleeding. Nothing will happen until the people speak out, come together, and force the government to live within its means.

That’s why the fourth bill I will propose as a U.S. Senator will be to balance the budget.

Interviewer:  That’s big news! Do you think you can secure the votes?

Me:  Just like I explained with my other planks, I will only agree to vote for other items if I get a commitment for a vote on one my proposals.

Interviewer:  How can you be sure others will honor the word and vote for your bills?

Me:  That is an excellent question. For each agreement I will require a written commitment between myself and the other Senators. This will provide accountability on both sides and will let me know when I have the required number of votes needed to pass my bills.

It will also make my time as a Senator the most open and transparent in political history. Every time I vote yes on the Senate floor I can show, in writing, the vote commitment I received in return. That will make my votes 100% transparent. Everyone will know exactly why I voted yes or no.

Interviewer:  You’re saying that even if you agree or disagree with a topic, you’re going to vote according to whether or not you get a traded vote?

Me:  That’s exactly what I’m saying. Look, there are other political topics I care about. In fact, there are a handful of topics more important to me personally than the ones I’m running on politically. I am willing to forego those in exchange for accomplishment. 

My candidacy is about coming together in a time of division. The country is split and unless someone does something radical we’re going to find ourselves permanently fractured, or worse, in the midst of a civil war.

I’ve deliberately chosen topics that are true to my heart, yes, but also are non-political in nature. They offer the opportunity for our nation to come together and heal, but also provide a better life for each American citizen.

I’d like to add that I’m not running against my opponents and I will not attack them personally. I’m running on my plan and either the voters will love and accept it or they won’t.

Only I offer a plan that is specific, concise, doable, and provides complete transparency. My team will put together a website that will display every agreement I make while in the Senate. This will allow my constituency in Kansas to see exactly where I stand in my efforts on any given day.

I can’t promise I’ll deliver anything. I can only promise that I will stick to the plan I have laid out and I will not waiver. I invite those who believe it is a winning formula for enacting desperately needed nonpartisan changes and effecting true unity to support my efforts and vote me for me for Kansas Senator.

Read part four of this series: Mother nature supports senate run

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Bush gives first interview as a senate candidate

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on February 21, 2019.

This is the second article in the series. If you haven’t read the first article and want to start with it, click here.

I recently gave my first interview as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Although it has not yet aired on the major networks, I have permission from the interviewer to share a portion of it with you.

Interviewer:  You recently announced your candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Pat Roberts. How has the response been?

Me:  Although a number of people have told me I had their votes, the excitement began two weeks ago when Richard Edwards said in his letter to the editor, and I quote, “I’ll take you for U.S. Senator over any of those sitting in the Capitol.”

That was almost a public endorsement—enough so that I soon had several friends afterwards publicly endorse me on Facebook.

The votes are adding up and my campaign is rapidly gaining momentum. I can honestly say that I can see a situation where my popularity spikes such that other potential candidates realize they waited too long to enter the race and I end up running unopposed.

Interviewer:  That’s astonishing!

Me:  I know. It’s hard to get your mind around, but that’s how quickly Bush mania is swelling.

You know what’s ironic? For 20 years I had the same name as a President—George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. And before that George H. Bush was Vice President for 8 years.

Since 1980 I’ve been asked, “Are you related to…”

The irony is that one day soon someone will ask former President Bush, “Are you related to Senator Bill Bush?” I would love to see his face when that happens.

Interviewer:  So what do you attribute your success to?

Me:  It’s simple—the power of my platform. It resonates with people and focuses on the issues they truly care about.

Interviewer:  I’m glad you mentioned your platform, because one of the items is, well, rather unconventional. You promise a ban of cold weather?

Me:  That’s correct. The cold and wintry weather forces many indoors, causing isolation which leads to loneliness and depression. Schools, businesses, churches and other organizations are forced to cancel activities without much notice.

And many don’t realize this, but people get disproportionately sick during cold spells. Some even die. Others experience falls or automobile accidents that result in bodily harm as well as property damage due to ice, snow, and freezing rain. Pipes freeze, power lines freeze and break. It’s like an all-out attack on our comfortable way of life.

And what about nature? The cold kills plants and animals, and ice causes tree limbs to break and fall. How can we stand by and watch such brutality? Well, I for one can no longer be silent. We have a duty to protect this Earth. It’s the only one we have, after all. Banning cold weather is the only logical and compassionate response to such horrific destruction.

Everyone complains about the cold; I’m willing to do something about it.

Interviewer:  I’ve never looked at it quite that way.

Me:  You know, we don’t often see what’s right in front of us.

Interview:  How do you intend to enforce your ban on cold weather?

Me:  I appreciate the question, and no offense, but it shows your ignorance of how our government works. Sadly, this question comes up a lot.

But I’m grateful for this national exposure and hope it expedites the process of educating the American citizenry.

As a U.S. Senator, I will be part of the Congress, which passes bills. We don’t enforce them. That will be the responsibility of the President.

Interviewer:  In that case, have you spoken to the President about your bill, and has he agreed to enforce it?

Me:  He is obligated to enforce it. He doesn’t get to ignore laws. Besides, once my bill passes there will be such an overwhelming amount of support across our country that he would be foolish to obstruct it.

As to your first question, no, I have not had the opportunity to visit with President Trump about my bill.

Interviewer:  Do you think he will be able to enforce it?

Me:  He convinced the American people to make him President, didn’t he?

Interviewer:  Touché.

Read part three of this series: Big Announcement from my Campaign

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(Bill) Bush for U.S. Senate

My candidacy for the United States Senate officially began on January 17, 2019 when I announced my intentions to run for the open seat in Kansas. Unfortunately, the arrival of COVID-19, the shutdowns, and the need to distance ourselves made it impossible for me to meet the qualifications required to get my name on the ballot.

With the elections looming and the race still very much in doubt, I thought I would give a final push as a write-in candidate. If you don’t like either candidate and want to support a solid platform and a winning strategy for successfully getting said agenda voted into law, then continue reading. My past columns spells out everything you need to know to enthusiastically support Bill Bush for U.S. Senate as a write-in candidate.

Note: The following article was first published in the Harvey County Independent on January 17, 2019. This is the first article in the series.

Now that Senator Pat Roberts has announced his retirement, I want to be the first to officially announce my candidacy for the United States Senate.

I’m a CPA, published author, famous reporter, and I lack political experience. Obviously, I’m over qualified to be a Senator, so why stoop to become a politician when I have so much else going for me?

To begin with, I’ve never been to Washington D.C. As a Senator, not only will I get to see the historical city, but I will get paid in the process.

More people will know who I am, which should increase my book sales.

I’ve never held the same job for six consecutive years.

I have the best platform in the history of politics, and two of my planks are getting no attention on a national scale.

So what are the planks in my platform?

Daylight savings time year round. I’ve written about this before; I hate the time changes. I prefer daylight savings time, so the bill I will introduce on my first day as Senator will require all states to observe daylight savings time year-round.

Winter and cold weather are banned after January 1 every year. I hate being cold, but since it does add in a positive way to the Christmas season I’ll allow it through New Year’s. But from January 1 through Thanksgiving, below freezing temperatures are forbidden. Ski resorts will be exempt. I’ll introduce this bill on day two of my Senate term.

Term limits for all politicians. Ted Cruz recently stole my thunder on this topic, but my bill will go one step further than his. I will include an aggregate lifetime term limit. This hopping from one political position to another has to stop. Go get a real job, for crying out loud! That’s day three.

That’s it. I’ll spend the rest of my term fighting for those three items. I’ll never cast a vote in Congress without securing a vote for one of my three bills in exchange.

So why me? Lots of people don’t have political experience, so they are as qualified as I am. Why will I made a good U.S. Senator?

First, I’m an outsider. Not only have I not been in politics, but I’ve never been to Washington D.C.

Second, I pledge to only serve one term. I’ll be a lame-duck Senator from day one of my term, so I won’t be concerned whether my policies will affect my re-election.

Third, I need my time alone, so I won’t spend my off hours schmoozing with the elite class in D.C. Unless, of course, the Chiefs or Royals are in town.

Finally, my platform and strategy shield me from conventional political labels. I won’t be right-wing or left-wing, conservative or liberal, or even moderate. Everyone will hate me. Hmm, maybe I’ll hang out with President Trump.

So what happens if my three planks don’t become law during my one term as Senator?

I’ll have to run for President.

That should be enough motivation to do everything I can to get them passed.

Read part two of this series: Bush gives first interview as a senate candidate

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When the Time is Right

Eden didn’t peg bribery, kidnapping, and murder for summer activities

For eighteen-year-old Eden, her court-mandated community service is set to be every bit as punishing as prison. Sent off to work at a pizza joint while living with her grandmother in a little out-of-the-way town, at least she can appreciate the peace and quiet.

But the town is hiding its own secrets, and pretty soon peace and quiet will be very hard to come by. She might not realize it, but between the spiteful neighbor, the enigmatic mayor, and the calculating owner of the abandoned hospital, Eden’s 90 days in Halstead are set to be the most exciting of her life.

Follow Eden’s unexpected adventure in this strange and entertaining tale of mystery.

Purchase When the Time is Right

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One-of-a-kind event to be held in Halstead

Disappointed that Halstead’s Halloween Howl has gone virtual? Looking for an opportunity to do something fun, and a little scary, with the kids?

Can you say haunted house?

Saturday evening, October 24 between 6 and 8, everyone is invited to the Halstead Hospital to help me celebrate my new book, a cozy mystery entitled When the Time is Right. I will have books (obviously), snacks, a haunted house, and goodie bags for the kids.

I’m thrilled to announce that Zone 33 youth ministries in Halstead has agreed to run the haunted house. They are super excited about it and I know will do a fantastic job. The haunted house will be set up in the front lobby area of the hospital. We’ll send one group through at a time to maintain distancing. The haunted house will be appropriate for most ages. And it’s free!

Harvey County Independent’s editor Jared Janzen has offered to make cookies, so we’ll have snacks.

At 7 p.m. I will have an author presentation. I’ll share about my new book, answer any questions, and may read a passage from the book.

Of course, I will have all of my books available for sale, but the highlight will be the newest one, When the Time is Right. The book is fictional and is set in Halstead, with the mystery centering around the abandoned hospital. That’s why holding the book launch at the Halstead Hospital is such a perfect location.

The book retails on Amazon for $11.98 (not including shipping), but I will sell it for $9 that evening. Plus I’ll sign it (if you want).

When the Time is Right is a cozy mystery, which means it’s a murder mystery that centers on story and characters without the gore or heavy police procedures.

Since we are so close to Halloween and we’ll be at an empty hospital, the atmosphere on Oct. 24 will be intentionally eerie.

If you want to know more about the event you can check out my Facebook page, the Facebook event page, or my website, billbushauthor.com.

I would also encourage you to watch the book trailer on Youtube.

Here is a little blurb about When the Time is Right.

Eden didn’t peg bribery, kidnapping, and murder for summer activities

For eighteen-year-old Eden, her court-mandated community service is set to be every bit as punishing as prison. Sent off to work at a pizza joint while living with her grandmother in a little out-of-the-way town, at least she can appreciate the peace and quiet.

But the town is hiding its own secrets, and pretty soon peace and quiet will be very hard to come by. She might not realize it, but between the spiteful neighbor, the enigmatic mayor, and the calculating owner of the abandoned hospital, Eden’s 90 days in Halstead are set to be the most exciting of her life.

Follow Eden’s unexpected adventure in this strange and entertaining tale of mystery.

Read When the Time is Right now, before someone spoils the surprise!

Come join me Oct. 24 for one of the most unique events in Halstead in a long, long time. And pick up a great book!

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Book Launch!

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