What if aliens have been in hiding since 1947

What if? What if the government lied? What if aliens survived the crash? What if they escaped? What if they’re still here…hiding, waiting, preparing? What then?

I am in Roswell, New Mexico, visiting family and preparing for the UFO Festival.

The festival brings a wide variety of people, from die-hard true believers in aliens to local residents interested in the activities to vendors hoping to capitalize on the tens of thousand of people who attend the festival every year.

Of course, this year it’s hard to tell how many will come after last year’s cancellation, this year’s reformatting of events, and the current remaining threat of COVID-19. I, for one, will be in attendance selling my books and the t-shirts I recently had designed and printed.

When I lived in Roswell during the mid-1990’s, I visited the UFO Museum and read about the crash in 1947 and the prevailing theories. Basically, one group of people believes the sighting and crash was a weather balloon flown by personnel from Walker Air Force Base, which was located south of downtown Roswell. Another group believes the crash was an alien spaceship and that the government hid the aliens and aircraft and covered it all up.

My science fiction series presents a third alternative. What if some of the aliens escaped before the government reached the crash sight?

In the first book, Vetrix, I describe what I believe happened on that day of July 2, 1947. While I won’t go into details in order to avoid spoilers, I will say that I explain my theory and play it out to its conclusion in the second book of the series, Earth.

Vetrix describes how three twelve-year-old sixth-graders from Roswell, New Mexico discover the truth behind the crash and alien activity on earth. Earth describes how the whole planet learns of alien presence on the planet.

Book three of the series, Zentron, follows the main character, twelve-year-old Flipper, and a group of both human and alien friends, as they continue to battle against a group of aliens set on destruction and domination. In Sevitan, book four, I describe a lot of the background of how the aliens came to be who they are and why two species from different planets remain at war.

Though I’d guess the idea of aliens escaping after the 1947 crash isn’t unique with me, I’ve never heard the theory presented elsewhere.

So, what if aliens not only survived the crash in Roswell but escaped authorities? What if they multiplied, trained and planned and are now ready to take over the world?

The only way to find the answer is to read the Vetrix series for yourself.

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