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This is the 14th installment of GRIT’s adventure. To start at the beginning for context, start with Grim Failure.

Working with Stan

Stan growled. Probably because he had to hunt me down at the collection site since I hadn’t met him near administration like noted in the file. I didn’t want to leave until the authorities arrived to care for the baby. Being a few minutes late is a pretty minor offense for me.

Fortunately, a police car arrived the same time Stan did so I did what I did best—apologize.

“Sorry Stan, we started talking and got sidetracked. We’re ready to go.”

Although I hadn’t saved the baby’s life, no need in stirring up suspicion.

Stan glanced toward the crying baby, then toward the pounding on the front door. He scowled but didn’t say anything.

“Fill out your paperwork while I make this delivery. I’ll meet you in administration. We need to talk.”

He gave the dead soul a frightening look. “Let’s go.”

A couple of hours later (they tell you that the paperwork gets easier when you’re full-time but it doesn’t) I sat with Stan in one of the many meeting rooms with the door closed for privacy.

“What you did for Samantha…” For the first time since I had known him, Stan had a hard time talking.

I waited a long time before I spoke, which upset him even more. “I just reacted. I ignored protocol and we were both lucky you showed up. What I did was no big deal.”

“It is a big deal!” He slapped the table, hard, and if he would have done that when he interrogated me I would have told him whatever he wanted to hear.

Then I saw tears, as in more than one. I didn’t realize he was capable of showing emotion; at least not this kind. I wanted to hand him a tissue or scoot the box toward him so he would use one but I thought that would make him angrier so I waited silently.

“Samantha is like a daughter. I practically raised her and now she’s the only family I have left.”

Much to my relief, he took a tissue and dabbed his eyes. “Rules are rules and I don’t much give a rip for them if they hurt someone, especially when that someone is the only person I love. Your actions saved her life and that’s all I care about. I appreciate it and that’s why I told Samantha I would help you. Don’t get any funny business, though. I can help but I can’t protect you from everything. Do you hear what I’m saying?”

I didn’t know if having Stan as my Guardian Angel was a good thing or not. I decided to remain thankful and try not to be so pessimistic. Besides, wasn’t this an opportunity and didn’t I have a little bit of leverage now? Maybe I could use that.

“I’ve always wanted to be a reaper, and while it hasn’t been what I expected, I think I can do a good job. It’s just that…there will be times I’m going to help people. I can’t help myself,” I quickly added when Stan shot me a knowing look.

“Like the baby today?”

So much for my foolproof plan. “You know about that?” I shouldn’t have sounded so surprised.

He tossed a file that slid across the desk and rested perfectly in front of me. “Of course I know what happened.”

The file was on the baby, a girl named Bonnie. She would have frozen to death overnight, alone in the house. In my reaper state I didn’t realize the house’s heater didn’t work.

“Be smart. Cover your butt and mine as best you can. I’ll do what I am able on my end but know that you can still screw up enough to get booted from being a reaper. Frankly, I’d still bet on it,” (there’s the Stan I know) “but Samantha is convinced otherwise. If you ever disappoint or hurt her, Hades won’t be able to protect you.”

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  1. Amy Keeley says:

    Another GRIT story!

    I like this continuation and the depth you’re giving Stan. Looking forward to the next part of the story!

  2. Katharina Kolata says:

    I love it, and Stan get a whole new dimension.

  3. Barbara says:

    Awesome. I love that Grit is sticking to his convictions in helping those he can.

  4. James, F.E. says:

    Another worthy addition to the storyline.

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