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Before Vetrix

  Three friends-eleven adventures-one good time. Before Flipper is kidnapped in front of Allison and Josh (details in the book Vetrix), the three best friends had a relatively normal life, though these short stories show that even ordinary kids doing … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Moments

Josh double bounced on the diving board and dove into the pool. When he hit the water his swimsuit scooted down to his knees. He frantically pulled it up before he resurfaced. He looked around expecting everyone to be laughing … Continue reading

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Sledding Inside

Flipper loosely gripped the book in both hands. He moved his thumb and fingers back and forth causing the book to flip up and down. It was his trademark activity – where he got his nickname. It was a habit, … Continue reading

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Christmas Night Prank

Josh missed his parents. His dad was deployed overseas and his mom had gone to visit him. This wasn’t the first time both of his parents had been overseas without Josh, but it was the first time it had happened … Continue reading

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