The Worst Day of the Year

It’s that time of year again. My least—and when I say least I mean exponentially worse than sitting at home alone all day on a major holiday—favorite day of the year. Spring forward can suck it as far as I’m concerned.

The rankings are not without their controversy.

A solid case can be made that fall back is the worst of the two because between early November and the middle of March it gets darker earlier, way too early. If you haven’t read my blog in the past I am a strong proponent of daylight savings time year-round. It’s ridiculous to keep changing our clocks twice a year and I think daylight savings time has the stronger case over standard time to be the year-round time tracker. But that’s an argument for another day.

What gives spring forward the edge as the worst of the two days is that we lose an hour of sleep. It throws my body off and takes me days to adjust. I hate it.

And no one in our political environment is taking serious this issue that is dearest to my heart.
I discussed this with a friend the other day and we devised a plan that might be a workable solution for my time change aggravation.

Each year during fall back I could move east because the eastern time zone would mirror what the central time zone was before the change. Then on spring forward day, I return to Kansas and the central time zone. That way my body would never have to adjust to the time change.

At first, I thought I could go to Louisville since that is where my daughter lives. After some thought, I have a better plan. She’s a flight attendant and isn’t home much and I don’t like the cold so it makes more sense for me to relocate to Florida for the winter.

I can’t help but wonder if a solid legal case could be made that since the government isn’t doing anything to ease the stress on my life that comes from their mandatory time change they should have to pay for my relocation and living expenses required for my mental health.

I simply need to find the right lawyer to take on my case. It seems like an open and shut case to me. And maybe the right lawsuit would get the attention of politicians to make the most logical change in the law since, well, ever.

Until the government quits manipulating time, I’ll have to consider dual citizenship in Kansas and Florida. The only downside of the plan is that it doesn’t solve the early darkness.

I guess that would be asking for too much.

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